Modern Differential Equations: Theory, Applications, Technology


Modern Differential Equations: Theory, Applications, Technology


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Georgia Southern faculty members Martha L. Abell and James P. Braselton co-authored Modern Differential Equations.

This introductory equations book is one of the first to integrate technology throughout the text. Using a computer algebra system (CAS) helps students to solve problems (both specific and general cases), to reason spatially through visualisation, to compare changing variables and parameters, to make inferences, and to evaluate outcomes. Students learn how and when to use technology tools by examples, in exercises, and in applications. Features: * Numerous graphs and figures help students visualize and interpret differential equations and their solutions. * "In Touch with Technology" exercises in almost every section require students to use graphing software or a computer algebra system to solve more advanced problems, study concepts, and experiment with technology. * "Think About It" questions follow many examples and are marked with an icon. They encourage students to draw inferences from the examples, explore additional cases, and experiment with technology. * "Differential Equations at Work" sections at the end of most chapters are ideal for group work or discussion. They pose real problems, documented by references, from such fields as economics, biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering. Students use technology to analyze the problems and suggest ways to solve them. * Numerous examples throughout the text are explained in detail. Solutions to more difficult examples are constructed with the help of graphing software or a CAS, so students learn how and when to use technology. * The exercise sets at the end of each section include a wide range of problems from very easy to difficult. Routine problems are included so students master basic techniques. The many interesting applied problems and conceptual problems test students' comprehension. Answers to selected exercises are at the back of the text. The Student Resource Manual includes CAS output for selected exercises. * Summary and Review Exercises are at the end of each chapter.

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Modern Differential Equations: Theory, Applications, Technology
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