The Impact of Shopping Styles on Status Consumers: An Exploratory Look at the Millennial Generation

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Annals of the Society for Marketing Advances


This study examined millennial consumers’ relationships between status consumption, and Sproles and Kendall’s (1986) Consumer Styles Inventory (CSI). It was hypothesized that status consumption would be a positive antecedent to the eight CSI’s shopping style characteristics: brand conscious, novelty and fashion conscious, recreational and shopping conscious, impulsive/careless, and habitual/brand loyal, perfectionist, confused by overchoice, and price conscious. All of the constructs, with the exception of price conscious, that had to be dropped from further analysis, demonstrated good reliability and validity with the overall structural equation model a good fit. Five shopping styles were supported as hypothesized to have a positive relationship with the antecedent of status consumption. The results suggest that those millennial consumers who are motivated to consume for status will utilize the shopping styles of being brand conscious, novelty/fashion conscious, recreational shoppers, impulsive shoppers, and brand loyal.