Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies: A Student Organization Business

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Journal of Entrepreneurship Education


Entrepreneurship training requires a non-traditional approach in which students must learn to embrace the challenges of operating in a business environment that favors creativity and risk taking. Not only must students be exposed to a business education that emphasizes multi-disciplinary skills but they must participate in an “entrepreneurial experience”. This paper describes a student business organization’s project that provides for an “entrepreneurial experience”. The students applied course knowledge, exercised their analytical skills, learned to communicate effectively, utilized their negotiation skills, worked effectively in teams, complied with legal requirements, and utilized creative thought processes to solve business issues. The students experienced new business start-up issues such as writing marketing and business plans, obtaining a business loan, and applying for licenses and permits. The students experienced all aspects of business operations including writing a policy and procedures manual and human resource management manual. Through this “entrepreneurial experience” the students developed entrepreneurial competencies. The manuscript is of special interest to faculty that desire that their students have an actual “entrepreneurial experience”. The manuscript describes in detail the process of starting a student run business and continued operations of the business.