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Service Audit: Learning Going Beyond the Classroom Walls

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The current service-learning project is designed to extend learning in McNeese marketing classes to benefit the local service providers in their pursuit of service excellence. Student teams in the MKTG 383 course, Marketing Innovations, participate in a service audit project in which students evaluate how well a chosen locally-based company is doing on service and use class materials and knowledge to make a presentation on what the firm needs to do to be a strong service provider. The project begins with an initial interview with several of the company’s managers to understand what the company’s goals are and what they think the problems might be. The student teams then create a proposal document in which they enumerate the research objectives, planned approach, time-line, projected benefits to the company, and needed elements for research from the company. After the data collection procedure, each group will create a report on how well the chosen company is doing on service and what the firm needs to do to be a strong service provider using the concepts learned in the course. They will present their findings and suggestions to the managers and the class.


University of Louisiana System Academic Summit


Lafayette, LA