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No More Rose-Colored Lenses: A Comparative Study of University Students' Changing Perceptions of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace from 2006 to 2013

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The intention of the current research is to determine whether the perspective of university students has shifted since a 2006 survey of student perceptions regarding sexual harassment in the workforce (Sipe, Johnson & Fisher, 2009). As noted by a publication on the changing student perceptions regarding gender discrimination over this same time period (Sipe, Larson, McKay and Moss, 2016), it might be assumed that university students today might be less likely to anticipate gendered issues such as sexual harassment in the workforce because of increased public outcry and heightened legal protections against such discrimination. University students today have been exposed to a plethora of information that might lead them to believe that they will be entering a modern, egalitarian work environment, with measures in place that would effectively block out inappropriate conduct. Conversely (as noted in Sipe etc. AMLE, 2016 regarding gender discrimination), today’s university student might be more likely to anticipate issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace because of the increased attention currently given to these kinds of issues.


Southeastern Academy of Legal Studies Annual Meeting (SEALS)


Durham, NC

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