The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering.


Submissions from 2019

3D Printing of Matching Layer Used in Inspection of Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM), Logan Cowan, Maggie Baechle, and Hossein Taheri

Structure of Spheroidal Graphite Nuclei and Spheroidizing Mechanism of Graphite in Mg-Treated Ductile Iron, Jingjing Qing and Mingzhi Xu

Evolution of Phases in a Graphitic White Iron, Jie Wan, Jingjing Qing, Mingzhi Xu, and Perrin Habecker

Submissions from 2017


Understanding and Engineering of Natural Surfaces With Additive Manufacturing, Ali Khoshkoo, Andres L. Carrano, David M. Blersch, Hamid Ghaednia, and Kamran Kardel

Submissions from 2016


Understanding Attachment Preferences of Benthic Algae Through Controlled Surface Topographies on 3D-Printed Substrat, Andres L. Carrano, David M. Blersch, Kamran Kardel, and Ali Khoshkhoo