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Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies


The practice of global outsourcing by U.S.A. companies is frequently the source of heated debate. Recently a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll found that 86% of Americans believe that outsourcing is the number one factor contributing to the country’s continuing economic distress. This study presents the results of a survey designed to assess the attitudes toward global outsourcing among business students and non business students at a large regional university in the Southeast U.S.A. A survey of attitudes toward global outsourcing was administered to 284 undergraduate and graduate students. Descriptive statistics, frequencies and MANOVA methods were used to analyze the data collected. Statistically significant differences with attitudes were found among the students' level of knowledge, age, gender, major, and classification. The results indicate business majors are more positive toward global outsourcing than are non-business majors. Another finding is that older students (>25) and MBA students are more pessimistic toward global outsourcing. Those “older” and MBA’s were mostly concerned with the impact of such outsourcing on jobs. Implications for teaching international business are discussed.


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