Organizational Narcissism: Scale Development and Performance Outcomes

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Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict


This research includes two studies to advance our understanding of organizational narcissism through the lens of identity theory. Study one employs factor analysis to develop a scale capturing four dimensions of the organizational narcissism construct: entitlement and superiority; denial and rationalization; self-aggrandizement and exhibitionism. Study two investigates the relationship between organizational narcissism and firm outcomes; namely, financial performance, efficiency, satisfaction and commitment. Overall, our preliminary findings suggest that organizational narcissism can result in positive outcomes for the firm. This study contributes to the literature in at least three ways. First, we provide researchers with a scale to reliably measure the construct of organizational narcissism. Second, we begin to establish the nomological net for the consequences of organizational narcissism. Finally, we advance the literature on the positive outcomes of organizational narcissism and offer specific recommendations for future research in this stream.

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