Research on Women and Leadership: A Publishing Support Bootcamp

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Presentation given by Faith Wambura Ngunjiri, Chrys Egan, Julia Storberg-Walker, Karen A. Longman, and Constance Campbell at the Women and Leadership Affinity Group Conference.

One purpose of the ILA Women and Leadership Affinity Group is to advance theory, research, and practice regarding women and leadership, a goal that can be furthered by providing emerging scholars with individualized support. This workshop will provide participants with individual and group coaching focused on providing feedback on manuscripts during the conference and will provide participants with access to a senior scholar as a mentor beyond the conference close. The workshop will begin with a short introduction and presentation on developing a research agenda then quickly move into individualized coaching sessions followed by focused group discussions and a wrap up with a question and answer session.


Women and Leadership Affinity Group Conference


Asilomar, CA

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