Chapter 15: Library Orientations for Resident Assistants

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Planning Library Orientations




Resident Assistants (RAs) are a natural bridge between the academic library and residential life on a campus. Library orientations specifically targeting RAs create a personal connection for the RA with the librarians; removing the barrier that often exists between students and library faculty. It also increases the likelihood they will recommend the library to their resident students, creating an advocate for library services in the residence halls, and increasing the information literacy outreach for the academic library. Learn how a variety of interactive, live-action games can be used to deliver the typical orientation information. In each instance, scripts, rules of the game, and playing cards/pieces are designed/tweaked to introduce the students to specific library services and also to the person/s working in that area. Some formats allowed students to work collaboratively in groups, whereas some allowed solo competition. All include some form of positive interaction with the librarians to help students successfully solve the mystery or complete the game. These orientations targeting this specific audience can lead to an increase in information literacy outreach to resident students and to a great advocate partnership with Residence Life.