Interlibrary Loan… the Next LITTLE Cog in Instruction?

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Interlibrary Loan is becoming an important cog in the wheel of library instruction. Because of the influence of the digital age, students are accustomed to instant service. The expectations that students have for the library are no different. The Interlibrary Loan Department at Georgia Southern University is finding that students are using ILLiad as they would Amazon or Netflix. Often times the articles and books that they are requesting are for things that the Henderson Library owns. This tells us that students do not know how to search the library resources. The ILL Department is trying to think outside the box to use these opportunities as Teachable Moments. This 20 minute presentation is to share how the ILL Department is becoming an important cog in the wheel of library instruction and how we are planning on partnering with the ISD Department in the future.


Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group Conference (AABIG): What's the Next BIG Thing?


LeGrange, GA