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Triage of electronic resource access (ERA) troubleshooting takes planning and rarely is straightforward. Who reported the problem? How visible is it? How long will it take to resolve and who is involved? Without a good triage plan, ERA troubleshooting can spin out of control fast.

This poster session will present a three-part tiering scheme for performing triage on ERA troubleshooting requests reported to the eTeam, the ERA response team at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. This framework evaluates requests in terms of 1) origin, scope and urgency of request; 2) required stakeholder input to resolve the request; and 3) internal and external communication needs. To date, this framework has significantly enhanced prioritization and resolution of a variety of ERA requests, and have improved stakeholder involvement and awareness. This framework is generalized and extensible, so we feel that sharing it at ALA will have mutual benefits, for other institutions who will see the benefits of active ERA triage and may get some ideas from our approach, and for Georgia Southern as we learn what other institutions are doing to manage ERA-related requests and workflows.


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