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This presentation will discuss a case study of revised workflows to improve Electronic Access Troubleshooting using a team approach in the Collection & Resources Department at Georgia Southern University. The e-Team was established first using an internal eTeam e-mail for communications among library staff and the eTeam, and evolved into a sophisticated system using a LibAnswers queue and FAQs for handling ERA issues. The revised workflow offers an organized and efficient process for electronic access issue reporting as well as rapid feedback to library staff and library users. The eTeam workflow has provided insight into the nature of electronic access problems through the capture of statistics and includes a process for the rollout of new resources to the library and the university from trial to announcement of availability. The benefits of the new and improved eTeam are many, including a quicker response for problems and resolution; development of a tracking method for problems that take extended time for resolution or involve outside parties; and the improvement of morale in the department and communications within the library between technical and information services.


American Library Association Annual Conference (ALA)


Orlando, FL