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The Georgia Knowledge Repository (GKR), an initiative of GALILEO, is a central repository that contains academic and intellectual works produced by Georgia colleges and universities. Established in 2013 and comprised of over 100,000 item records, GKR increases the importance of open access scholarly communication and joins a growing number of academic digital repositories. Colleges and universities are developing research seminars, open access journals, and other scholarly initiatives on campus. Libraries who manage their institutional repository are collaborating with campus departments to preserve the scholarly works of these initiatives. A panel will discuss how librarians and faculty are increasing their repositories by supporting undergraduate scholarship. Attendees will see a variety of projects that libraries are undertaking and panelists will give an overview of effective methods to follow when starting new undergraduate research initiatives. Panelists will also discuss internal challenges and benefits faced when establishing and promoting these initiatives.


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Georgia Council of Media Organization Annual Conference (GaCOMO)


Athens, GA