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Escape the Ordinary: Using Escape Rooms to Teach Information Literacy and Support the ACRL Framework

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Presentation given at Georgia International Information Literacy Conference

Escape games are a fun, challenging, and popular way to engage an audience! They naturally promote critical thinking, group communication, and learning in multiple contexts. With thought and a little planning, escape games also provide a creative, active-learning program that incorporates the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy.

This session will begin by providing small groups with a single clue and lock. Groups will have ten (10) minutes to “organize information in a meaningful way,” and “draw reasonable conclusions based on its analysis.” This will allow participants to gain first-hand experience with the Escape activity and its support of the Research as Inquiry frame.

Presenters will then provide a fifteen (15) minute overview of their experience planning and executing an Escape Game at their institution. Highlighted challenges, a-ha moments, and examples of assessment will provide a firm foundation for participants to expand their information literacy instruction with activities incorporating learning that upholds specific ACRL Frames such as Searching as Strategic Exploration and Information Creation as Process.

Participants will return to small groups for a thirty (30) minute guided activity to develop a basic outline for their own escape game. Targeted instruction will encourage backwards design (naming the ACRL frame to support) to reach desired student-learning objective. Twenty (20) minutes will be reserved for peer-review feedback and discussion.

Participants attending this workshop will be able to develop a plan for implementing an escape game supporting their chosen framework, as well as, identify materials needed to successfully assemble and assess the game.


Georgia International Information Literacy Conference


Savannah, GA