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LC Call Number 101: “What does it all mean?!”, the LC Classification and Shelflisting Manual

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Presented at Georgia Libraries Conference, GLC, Georgia Library Association

Creating a call number for an item is a necessary step in the cataloging process in any technical services department. However, it can be a surprisingly complex task. Creating a call number requires the use of standardized rules as well as a basic knowledge of call number structure. Luckily, there are tools that can be used to help in this step. Understanding these tools and grasping the information being provided are necessary skills to develop for any new or out of practice cataloger. Therefore, this presentation will cover the basics of the Library of Congress Shelflisting Manual. It will begin with a brief overview of the manual and how to use it, and then move on to specific subject matters, like working with the always tricky. A cutters. Also, basic cuttering and cuttering by region or country will be reviewed, along with translations/texts in parallel languages, including the Translation Table outlined in the G150 section.


Georgia Libraries Conference, GLC, Georgia Library Association


Macon, GA