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Workshop Overview:

Participants will work collaboratively to discuss ways to incorporate the ACRL Framework into their current information literacy instruction, which includes differentiating fake news from real news.

Workshop Structure:

After the webinar concludes, the six frames comprising the ACRL Framework will be displayed on the screen. The audience will be asked if they want a brief overview explaining the frames (this will be done for the benefit of media specialists, public librarians, etc.).

Next, participants will be asked to take five minutes to write down their current information literacy instruction activities/methods that are applicable to fake news. Then, participants will be divided into groups of three, where they will work collaboratively to adjust their info lit instruction to fit into the ACRL Framework.

The groups will be asked for volunteers to discuss with the audience how each will modify their instruction methods/activities.

Various fake news handouts will be given to the participants; these documents will also be emailed to them post-workshop to be used with instruction. The attendees will receive certificates of participation in the mail.


Armstrong State University


Savannah, Georgia