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Workshop Overview:

Participants will discuss major takeaways from webinar, and work collaboratively to assess their own institutions’ LibGuides.

Workshop Structure:

After the webinar, the host will thank everyone for attending, and invite people to stay for a hands-on workshop. The host will lead the class into a discussion of the webinar by posing the question, “What stood out to you most from the webinar?” After this brief discussion, the host will ask people to gather into groups; depending on the number of attendees, groups will be comprised of 2-3 or 4-5 people.

The groups will be tasked with assessing a few of each of their library’s LibGuides, based on the principles learned during the webinar. Each group will have one laptop or iPad to perform this task (host is responsible for checking out laptops/iPads from the media desk before webinar, and obtaining a guest username/password that can be used on all devices). Each group will also be provided with one rolling whiteboard and markers. Throughout this process, an Armstrong librarian will be taking pictures of the groups working, as well as taking pictures of the comments and observations noted on the whiteboards. Post-workshop, the host will email these pictures to each attendee.

During this group-work, each group will be asked to consider the following questions: What immediate changes to the LibGuides can you implement? What long-term changes can you implement? What is your library already doing that the webinar speaker mentioned is an important feature of usability?

After 20 minutes of assessment, the groups will share their assessment of one LibGuide per group with the entire class, using the Mondopad at the front of the room. After 20 minutes of presentations, the attendees will then be asked to share any additional thoughts or comments about the webinar or workshop with the class.

Following this discussion, the attendees will receive certificates of participation, and the workshop will conclude.


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