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Excerpt: "The CET emphasizes the importance of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) and its goals of improved student learning, teaching effectiveness, faculty development and the creation of a deeply collegial community of and for teaching and learning. SoTL is not simply individuals engaged in pedagogical research that is make public and reviewed, but has an expansive meaning as well. In that view, SoTL is an attitude of questioning and inquiry about any aspect of the teaching – learning process, a curiosity about the results of pedagogical research and its implications for one’s own courses and students, a contemplative awareness of who one is as a professor and what it is that one is professing. The banyan tree with its ever-spreading canopy and its everexpanding system of aerial roots is the symbol of the CET. SoTL is ground in which the roots of teaching and learning experiences, experimentations, innovations, research, collaboration, and dissemination grow. It is a tree of development that spreads and deepens simultaneously. All the services, presentations, events, resources, projects of the CET revolve around the SoTL understanding that teaching is not the purpose of our profession, but rather that teaching is a means to attain the goal of significant, critical, creative, practical and enduring student learning."