Spirituality and Faith Development Issues

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Contribution to Book

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School-Based Counseling and Student Spirituality: Perspectives from Positive Psychology




Georgia Southern University faculty member Richard E. Cleveland authored "Spirituality and Faith Development Issues" in School-Based Counseling and Student Spirituality: Perspectives from Positive Psychology.

Book Summary: This book explains how student spirituality is a complex and key component to general well-being, under-represented in existing literature. While religion in school remains a polemic issue in American Education, spirituality is increasingly understood as a relevant aspect of students' social and emotional lives. School-Based Counseling and Student Spirituality draws from two decades of scientific research in positive psychology, counseling, medicine, and other aligned disciplines that link spirituality to positive K-12 student outcomes, including physical, mental, and psychosocial health. In this concise volume, Christopher Sink lays out the impact of student spirituality on learning outcomes, describes the diverse world of student spirituality, and explains how counselors can and should address spirituality in schools. With particular attention to the legal, ethical, and personal considerations of working with student spirituality, this book is written for people from all backgrounds, preparing for counseling roles.