Psychotherapy with Members of Latino/Latina Religious and Spiritual Traditions

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Handbook of Psychotherapy and Religious Diversity




Many religious people distrust the process of psychotherapy because they fear that helping professionals will misunderstand and pathologize their spiritual beliefs.

This book provides concrete guidance for working effectively with clients from a wide range of religious backgrounds, including all of the main Christian denominations found in the United States as well as Judaism, Islam, Eastern traditions, and the ethnic-centered spirituality of African-American, Latino, and American Indian populations.

Each of the 16 core chapters is written by a contributor who is both a mental health professional and an expert in the religious tradition described. After providing key information on the history and practices of the faith, authors describe how spiritual concerns may interact with common presenting problems in clients who practice the tradition and offer guidelines for promoting trust and positive outcomes.

Rich in clinical examples, the book is an ideal training resource for both graduate students and experienced practitioners.