Using Tablets for Collaborative Problem-Based Learning in a Math Specialists Program

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Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education 20th International Conference




Current options for authoring Internet content containing mathematical expressions are such that online collaboration and synchronous communication in this context is often inhibited. The problem-based design of courses in a statewide math specialist program requires a high degree of interaction and collaboration among students and faculty, where the emphasis of discussion is on problem solving and the processes involved. Until recently, choices for collaboration at a distance were cumbersome and resulted in frustration. Technology tools and Internet access have now reached a point in functionality and affordability where these frustrations can be alleviated. This presentation will describe recent efforts to use tablet PCs and digital notepads for collaboration and interaction during mathematical problem solving in a statewide math specialist program. The discussion will be grounded in the context of a math education course, it will be relevant to other content areas and situations where communicating with mathematical content is required.