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Optimizing Rural Health Service Delivery: Examining Health Provider Self-care and Intersectionality of Gender, Poverty and HIV Status

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Plenary session at the 6th Annual Rural HIV Research and Training Conference

This plenary presentation will provide an overview of the American Psychological Association (APA) Health Disparities Office, addressing the background of the Office and its mission to initiate, encourage, and supports efforts to eliminate health disparities through awareness, education, training, research, effective interventions, and advocacy. Topics to be covered include purpose and the goals of the Office, its major initiatives and programs, and resources. It will highlight HIV/AIDS Programs, its special initiatives and objectives. It will introduce the Rural Health Disparities Initiative, a new APA partnership focused on the intersectionality of HIV, gender and poverty and discuss its vision and proposed activities to raise awareness, address prevention and foster partnerships.


6th Annual Rural HIV Research and Training Conference


Savannah, GA