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Aware, Accepting and Able: A Mindfulness-Based Approach Supporting P-12 Students through COVID-19

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Presentation given at the National Youth at Risk Online Conference.

In addition to the potential physical effects of COVID-19, students in P-12 may experience significant emotional and mental health effects. As P-12 systems continue to revise and alter COVID-19 responses, educators (teachers, school counselors, paraeducators, school psychologists, administrators) are looking for tools and resources to support students' social and emotional well-being. This session presents a mindfulness-based approach for supporting students. The session will provide a summary of students’ responses to COVID-19, various P-12 responses, an introduction to mindfulness and the Aware, Accepting & Able framework. The presentation will incorporate dialogue between presenters and participants to provide a more rich learning environment.


National Youth at Risk Online Conference


Savannah, GA