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Submissions from 2021


Potential Quantitative Analysis as Ludic Interface ∈ by Jacques Roubaud, Olga Amarie, Dragos Amarie, and Lillian Morgado

Remy de Gourmont 1858-1915, Hollis Beach and Olga Amarie


Entre el vacío y la llenura: la poética de Angelina Muñiz-Huberman, Dolores Rangel

Submissions from 2020

Displacement Vector Analysis on the GO Board in E by Jaques Roubaud, Olga Amarie and Dragos Amarie

Submissions from 2017


Invitation à La Cathédrale de Mots, Ioan Găină, Olga Amarie, and Marie-Line Brunet

Poèmes graphiques de l’hymne « Notre Langue » (Limba Noastră), Ioan Găină, Olga Amarie, and Marie-Line Brunet

Graphical Poems for the Anthem “Our Language” (Limba Noastră), Ioan Găină, Olga Amarie, and Michael Dow


Invitation to the Cathedral of Words, Ioan Găină, Olga Amarie, and Emanuel J. Mickel


Am I my Brother's keeper? Émile Zola’s Thérèse Raquin as a retelling of Cain and Abel, William B. Holley

Multiplicidad dramática en Rumor de Mar de Dino Armas, Dolores Rangel


Reflections by Federico Campbell about the writing process, Dolores Rangel

Submissions from 2005

Valle-Arizpe: Vocación por la Colonia, Dolores Rangel

Submissions from 2004


Miguel Piñero, William O. Deaver

Submissions from 2000


Obsesión, posesión, y opresión en Del amor y otros demonios, William O. Deaver

Submissions from 1998

La transposición de fuentes indígenas en Cien años de soledad, William O. Deaver

Submissions from 1995


Raining Backwards: Stylization and Mimicry, William O. Deaver

Submissions from 1994


A Deconstruction of Patriarchal Law in Camino de perfección, William O. Deaver