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Guest Editor

Brenda Marina, Georgia Southern University


Betty Cox, Senior Editor, University of Tennessee at Martin

Young Imm Kang Song, Assistant Editor, Lesley University


This narrative reflection presented vacillates between an exploration of the historical journey of the Black women and a modern day Black women who is “persisting in the journey toward self-definition…” (Collins, 2000, p. 121). This history eludes to the underrepresentation of Black women that originates in colleges and universities, which results in the underrepresentation in higher education administration. This narrative and interpretative review considers race and highlights factors and barriers that perpetuate the glass ceiling in higher education for Black women.

Publication Date

Fall 2013

Volume Number

Volume 1

Issue Number

Special Issue

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Women in academia, Women of color, Minority Women, Black women, Race, Ethnicity, Sexism, Higher Education, Administrators, Sexism, Racism, Classism


Disability and Equity in Education | Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Gender and Sexuality | Higher Education | Higher Education Administration

Climbing the Ladder to Leadership and Other (Un) told Stories of Black Women Administrators in Higher Education