Chapter 15: Building a healthy community: the Coastal Georgia Indicators Coalition

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The Research Handbook on Community Development




The Coastal Georgia Indicators Coalition (CGIC) is a multi-sector and multi-actor community coalition (which includes public, nonprofit and private companies as well as community members and advocates) model for a comprehensive, coordinated approach for community development addressing overall health and well-being while leveraging resources for community initiatives. The CGIC evolved from a community stakeholder initiative interested in community into a stand-alone nonprofit organization responsible for housing the indicator data from the original studies to incorporating expanded data and other initiatives to promote community health, well-being, economic opportunity and quality of life. This chapter examines how theories of participatory community development as a process, action and outcome apply to the CGIC. Background on the City of Savannah and Chatham County (hereafter, “Savannah-Chatham”) is provided for rich context about the area from a geographical, historical and economic context. Finally, the chapter concludes with a section on best practices.