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Submissions from 2017


Questioning Stakeholder Legitimacy: A Model of Philanthropic Accountability, Patricia B. Kraeger PhD and Robbie Robichau


Tangshan—China's one time industrial pioneer striving for ecological excellence, Dongquan Li, Lan G. Zhiyong, Patricia B. Kraeger, and Wei Ming


Redundancy in Disaster Response Systems: A Pathway to Resilience or a Recipe for Disaster?, Branda Nowell, Candice Pippin Bodkin, and Deena Bayoumi

Submissions from 2016


Motivating Public Service Employees in the Era of the New Normal, Trenton J. Davis and Gerald T. Gabris

Submissions from 2015


An Integrated Framework for Intersectorality: Nonprofitness and Its Influence on Society and Public Administration Programs, Robbie Robichau, Kandyce M. Fernandez, and Patsy Kraeger


Chapter Nine: Establishing Community-based Organizations, M. West, Patsy Kraeger, and T. Dahlstrom