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Fall 11-6-1941


Armstrong Junior College, Savannah, GA, Student newspaper, Inkwell, Dan Duke, Carl Robeson, Gordon Hart, Aviation Cadets, Savannah Playhouse, Geechee, Sociology, Pierre Van Paassen, That Day Alone, Tony Pastor, J. Thomas Askew, Charles Coburn, Pan American Spanish, Penny's, Raskins, Music Club, Math Club, Home Economics Club, Alpha Tau Beta, Delta Chi, Monogram Club


  • Publications Elect Editor's Staff As Work Begins for New Year With Interest for Inkwell and Geechee
  • Duke Elected Freshman Prexy
  • The Male Animal To Be Presented After Hard Work
  • Gordon Hart to Receive Wings
  • Students Enter Welfare Work Through Sociology Classes At Armstrong
  • Coburn Speaks At Assembly
  • Foreign Relation Council Meets
  • Activities Begin Humming With Mid-Term Concluded and Social Life Beginning
  • Student Directory


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