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Spring 4-8-1971


Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA, Student newspaper, Howard Nemerov, Jenkins Auditorium, Gilmer Lecture, Guggenheim Fellowship, International Honor Society, The Curlew, Teacher Education Committee, Regent's Advisory Council Meeting, Santa Barbara, Free Calley, Nixon, My Lai, Selective Service System, Presidential Executive Order, Ronald Bragg, Dance Concert, Southeast Asia war, Laos, Awareness Through Community Action (ATCA), Model Cities, Greek Week, Cedric Stratton, Kiwanis Club, ASC, Phil Gray


  • Poet Howard Nemerov Lectures in Savannah
  • History Department Eyes Local Chapter
  • SOS Research: Ecology Needs
  • Editorials
  • Nixon Continues War Efforts
  • Administration Building Improved
  • Armstrong Signs Top Notch Guard
  • Pirates Win Two; Split two


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