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Spring 5-6-1971


Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA, Student newspaper, ATCA, J.B. Stoner, National States Rights Party, Ravi Shankar, Clyde Tucker, Lane Library, Ogden Doremus, Graduation Dance, Nancy Slotin, Bryan Dubuc, Paulette Kaluzne, Inkwell, Board of Regents, Student Government Association, Becky Pruitt, Shuttle Bus, Grassroots, Larry Burke, John Haupt, Men's Open Badminton, Savannah Recreation Department, Long Slow Distance (LSD)


  • Armstrong's A.T.C.A. Presents J.B. Stoner
  • ASC Faculty Voices Opinions On Lane Library Adequacy
  • Doremus Speaks On "Change"
  • Editorial
  • "Rap Session" Offers Fee - Settlement Plans
  • Future Shuttle Bus Service To Link Savannah Colleges
  • Larry Burke Named MVP
  • Augusta Drops ASC, 10-7


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