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Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA, Student newspaper, Computer Science team, Microbook Library of American Civilization, Ray Seidl Memorial Collegiate Bowling Tournament, Board of Regents, Disco, Julie Harris, Charles Nelson Reilly, Engaged Encounter, Peggy Cone, Sigma Kappa, Al Harris, Who's Who, Mysterious Novak, Tobacco Tax Council, Georgia Lung Association, Computer Science Club, Savannah Symphony Orchestra, Student American Dental Hygienists'' Association Chapter, Stanton Friedman, NCAA, NAIA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Vicki Abbott


Text faded in sections on pages 2, 11. Best copy available.

  • Computer Science Team Places Fourth
  • A Martyr In Our Midst Josie Murphy
  • Disco Mania
  • Considering Marriage? Consider E.E.
  • Inkwell Ink Spots
  • Beer $$$
  • ASC Students Featured in Who's Who
  • A "Captivated" Audience Glenn E. Gibbons
  • Balls Bouncing Again This Year Lynda Broussard
  • Lady Pirates on the Run

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