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Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA, Student newspaper, Miss Geechee Pageant, Jazz Quintet, Jazz Ensemble, Student Union Board, Georgia Council for the Arts, Atlanta Contemporary Dance Company, George Hunnicutt, Lillian M. Donaldson, College Poetry Review, Pep Band, Phi Kappa Theta, James Mapes, George Hunnicutt, Union Board, Craig Harper, Masquers, George Bianchi, Amtrak Board of Directors


Issue was damaged, section cut out of one corner affecting pages 5 and 6

  • Miss Geechee pageant Deadline
  • Off the Wall: Waking Up Late Michael J. Higgs
  • Senior Citizen Returns to College
  • College Bowl Comes to ASC
  • Mapes Appears at ASC
  • Masquers Present "California to the New York Island"
  • Basketball Season to Begin Soon Karen Arnold
  • Amtrack Solicits Public Comment on Floridian

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