Implementing Imaging Technology in Graduate Admissions at Georgia Southern University

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Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies


This case concerns the implementation of a document imaging and workflow routing system in a university graduate admissions context – a setting familiar to both students and faculty. Secondary issues include the identification of bottlenecks and inefficiencies in paper-intensive manual processes, an appreciation for the organizational and management challenges associated with the introduction of new processes and systems, and recognition of strategic/competitive advantages afforded by the adoption of information technologies. The process problems that existed prior to implementation of the document imaging system as well as the strategies and approaches used to deploy the new system are detailed in this case. The case also describes the technological infrastructure required to support the document imaging system, the challenges faced in implementing document imaging and workflow routing, and the benefits derived from implementation. The case has a difficulty level of 3-4 and would be appropriate for junior-to-senior level students. The case is designed to be taught in two class hours and is expected to require 2-4 hours of outside preparation by students. It might also be helpful to invite representatives from your campus graduate (or undergraduate) admissions office to join in the discussion of this case.

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