Improving Real-Time Data Streaming Security to Promote Patient and Physician Socialization

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Proceedings of IEEE International Conferences on Big Data and Cloud Computing, Social Computing and Networking, and Sunstainable Computing and Communications






Promoting the socialization of personal health information (PHI) via sharing presents challenges due to confidentiality and privacy protections required by individuals and mandated by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Sharing PHI facilitates improved clinical decision support and evidence based medicine. The volume, variety, veracity and velocity of PHI is increasing with the advent and commercialization of wearable sensor technology requiring the streaming of real-time personal health data. In order to promote sharing of streaming, sensor-based PHI security and performance are demanded. In response to these concerns, this work instantiates and demonstrates a method to secure streaming of data via RC4 encryption while improving its security by incorporating variable length cipher strength via a proposed PRGA key rotation method. To facilitate this method, multiple keys can be transmitted over disparate mediums or channels in an extension to RC4, dubbed RC4 modified (RC4m). This work serves as an important step toward efficient and secure transmission of PHI to promote sharing in a social context between patient and physician.