An International Review and Study on Perceptions of Security, Adoption, and Implementation of Electronic Health Records

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Conference Proceeding

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2020 Proceedings of the Conference on Information Systems Applied Research




The transformation of the healthcare system has generated volumes of electronic data available to patients, healthcare workers, and researchers. Personal health information is paramount to the success of implementation of electronic health records (EHRs). Adoption and implementation of EHRs has been strong in the United States of America (USA) and yet varies among countries in the world. This study seeks to determine the factors that individuals, particularly those outside of the USA deem important when considering providing information for EHRs. Survey results indicated that intent of international citizens to provide personal health information depends on more on trust, risk, privacy, and perceived benefits. The outcome from this study can be helpful for other countries and organization seeking to create, establish, or augment an EHR system.


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