Mining the Bureau of Labor and Statistics for Job Skills

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The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) provides information about occupations including growth rates, median salaries, and job descriptions. Determining which skills will be most in demand in the next decade can assist higher education in designing relevant curriculum. Determining common skills among hundreds of occupation descriptions is a tedious task which lends itself well to a technology-based solution. This applied research applies data mining and topic analysis techniques to job descriptions and duties from BLS.gov in order to extract the most relevant job skills. Job descriptions for the top growing jobs, as defined by number of new positions projected, were extracted from BLS.gov. The descriptions were then mined for the highest frequency terms to determine the skills most relevant in the next decade. Preliminary results indicate terms such as analyze, software, develop, systems, computer, technology, data, systems, and information are in the top 50 terms thereby indicating the importance of technology in the future job market.


Business and Applied Sciences Academy of North America Annual Conference (BAASANA)


New York, NY