Online Web Delivery of a Graduate Project Management Course: Challenges and Opportunities

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Issues in Information Systems




In addition to in-class delivery of project management courses, many institutions have already started or are beginning to plan the delivery of these courses online. The challenge of offering a course online, especially courses with a heavy emphasis on student interaction and team projects, is well documented in the literature. Therefore, we propose a framework is needed to design and plan an online graduate Project Management course to overcome some of the problems and limitations of online delivery and to take advantage of opportunities online technology can provide. The purpose of this research is to identify components of a framework for online web delivery of a graduate Project Management course by investigating the issues and factors that should be considered in making an online Project Management course effective. The suggested components are based on the literature (which identifies some suggested best practices) and experience presenting an online project management course. Further, a survey was conducted to measure and compare student’s perceptions of online courses in general and project management online courses in particular to traditional in-class courses. Assessment of student work indicates little difference in educational outcomes and the survey results do indicate students had an overall positive experience with online courses. However completing team based projects successfully was somewhat more difficult in the online course.