The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning Languages

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Education in a Technological World: Communicating Current and Emerging Research and Technological Efforts




Learning a second language has always been a passion of many people around the globe. Many have learned and are learning foreign languages for different reasons including studying abroad, business, and hobby. The advancement of technology has impacted our lives greatly in many ways. For example, technology has improved our personal lives, the way we teach, learn, and do our businesses. Technology has made it possible to form a virtual team collaborating and communicating regardless of the location and culture of team members. Technology has removed the distance barriers and has made it possible for higher education to effectively teach anyone and for businesses to easily reach anyone around the globe. This has made more people interested in learning foreign languages. Technology can be used to facilitate teaching and learning foreign languages in efficient and effective ways. Therefore, a foreign language can easily be learned without the worry of traveling and finding a well qualified teacher.

The main purpose of this endeavor is to explore the impact of technology on teaching and learning languages. Second life technology is emphasized, and a survey of methods of teaching Chinese language is used as an example for this purpose. Chinese language is a very popular language and is highly sought. Therefore, the secondary purpose of this endeavor is to present different methods and technologies that have been employed teaching this poplar language. This survey of different methods and technologies used should provide a reference for teaching foreign languages.