The Use of SAP Simulation Software: ERPsim

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Proceedings of the Society of Business, Industry and Economics


ERPsim is a simulation software integrating with mySAP ERP to automate sales, production, procurement, and accounting processes. ERPsim has been adopted by many universities to teach Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concepts since 2007. The use of ERPsim is not limited to ERP related subjects. Management information systems (MIS) course is one of the core courses of business major. Information systems (IS) educators usually use case studies, lectures, and games to deliver the course. Students’ complaints of the course are: boring lectures, dry materials, lots of technical jargons, lack of interactions, etc. The authors believe that the best way to teach information systems is to use information systems. ERPsim is one of the best teaching tools that IS educators can use to deliver MIS courses in order to improve student interactions and bridge the gap between technology and business. This paper will describe different simulation games available for teaching: sales, marketing/advertisement, and production.