SAP Certifications

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Proceedings of the Society of Business, Industry and Economics


SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software with 95,000 customers and more than 47,000 employees in 50 countries. Enterprise Resource Planning software is the major software produced by SAP and it is used by 85% of Forbes 500 companies and 70% of Global 500 companies.

SAP has several levels of certifications. This paper will describe three levels of certifications available to universities from SAP. The first level can be available to any university that is a member of the SAP University Alliance (SAPUA). This paper will describe the SAPUA policy of permitting a university to create a certificate signed by SAP and the Dean of the participating university for completing 3 courses with at least a 30% SAP content. The second level consists of the TERP10 certificate. The TERP10 certification requires that students take a SAP boot camp from 8 AM to 5 PM for 10 days then take a comprehensive exam. The people who pass the exam are then certified by SAP. The third level consists of certifications available from SAP at the associate and professional level. SAP offers training in 11 areas to prepare to be certified. This paper will identify these 11 areas. SAP has 3 certification focus areas. These certification focus areas are application certification, technology certification and development certification. This paper will discuss these certification focus areas.