Key Capabilities, Components, and Evolutionary Trends in Corporate E-Learning Systems

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Human Resources Management Set: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Application






The chapter examines the development of online learning systems in corporations, corporate utilization of reusable learning modules, and the various forms of assessment and knowledge certification used to ensure and improve the quality of the learning outcomes. Corporations continue to embrace e-learning, at a dramatic rate. This is partly driven by a desire for cost reduction and partly to ensure that all staff to have the required skills and competencies for their jobs. Organizations are increasingly linking the e-learning/e-training systems with other modules of their human resource management systems and this chapter includes a case example to illustrate such linkages. Universities have demonstrated progress in e-learning but remain in a position to learn much from e-learning developments in the corporate world. In sum, the chapter provides an overview of corporate experiences with e-learning/e-training and how these might be transferred to the academic world; it also sounds a note of warning for the universities should they fail to observe the ongoing development of corporate e-learning systems.