Submissions from 2018

A Recommendation System for Choosing an IT-Related Major, J. O'Malley and Adrian Gardiner

Submissions from 2017

Using Auditing to Improve Project Management Performance, Michael J. Cuellar


Adoption of Video Lectures for Learning – Content Quality and Gender Difference, ChongWoo Park, Dong-Gook Kim, and Hyo-Joo Han

Global Perceptions of Team in Project Management, Manouchehr Tabatabaei

Exploring Web and Mobile Development Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: A Consensus-Based Pile Sort Methodology, S. Wainford, Adrian Gardiner, C. L. Aasheim, and P. Rutner

Submissions from 2016

Assessing the Academic Influence of a Scholarly Paper, Michael J. Cuellar

Openness and Democratic Discourse in Academic Publishing, Michael J. Cuellar


Why Older Adults Decide Not to Use the Internet, Hyo-Joo Han

Global Perceptions of Project Management in Business, Manouchehr Tabatabaei


Technology Acceptance in Teamwork, Manouchehr Tabatabaei

Submissions from 2015


A Longitudinal Analysis: When/How Older Adults Decide and Use a Technology, Hyo-Joo Han and Dong-Yup Han


Using Delphi Technique to Explorer Critical Factors in Cloud Security Auditing, Hyo-Joo Han and Jungwoo Ryoo

Submissions from 2014


Project Team Adoption of Collaboration and Communication Technologies, Thomas L. Case and Manouchehr Tabatabaei

The Deaf Effect in Project Management and What Can Be Done About It, Michael J. Cuellar


A Longitudinal Analysis of Technology Usages for Older Adults, Hyo-Joo Han


Technology as a Motivating Factor in Team Interactions and Teamwork, Manouchehr Tabatabaei

Submissions from 2013

Access 2010 Northwinds Traders Sample Database: Documentation, Discussion and Design, Michael J. Cuellar

How the DOE Got Schooled. A Case Study of a Trouble Project, Michael J. Cuellar

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Evolution in Universities, Michael J. Cuellar

Consumers' Perception on Three Dimensions of E-Interactivity (Active Control, Two Way Communication, and Synchronicity), Hyo-Joo Han, Jungkun Park, and Juyoung Han

Submissions from 2012

A Survey and Discussion of Competing Mean-Variance Statistics in Portfolio Analysis, Michael J. Cuellar


Different Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and Gender, Hyo-Joo Han, Sukhyung Lee, and Jungkun Park


Measuring How Perceived Interactivity with Different Media Influences Perceived Values and Satisfaction, Hyo-Joo Han, Jungkun Park, and Juyoung Han


Perceptions of Teamwork in Technology-Based Courses, Manouchehr Tabatabaei

Submissions from 2011


Effects of Social Presence and Awareness in Virtual Teams, Hyo-Joo Han

Technology and Teamwork, Manouchehr Tabatabaei


The State of Project Management in Information Systems Curriculum, Manouchehr Tabatabaei

Submissions from 2010


Advances in Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems, Debopam Acharya and Hyo-Joo Han


Peer-to-Peer Compatibility in Mobile Social Networking based on Tree Matching Algorithms, Debopam Acharya, Joseph Lovins, and Hyo-Joo Han

Desk-Top Software Development Using HTML Applications, Michael J. Cuellar


Future of Social Networking, Information and Communication Network Symposium, Hyo-Joo Han and Debopam Acharya

Factors for Older Adult Technology Acceptance, Hyo-Joo Han and Kyong Hee Chee

Perception of Information Systems Graduates by Employers, Manouchehr Tabatabaei and Adrian Gardiner

Submissions from 2009

Recruiters Perception of Information Systems Graduates with Online Studies, Manouchehr Tabatabaei and Adrian Gardiner

Comparison of Students Learning in a Project Management Course: On-Line Versus In-Class, Manouchehr Tabatabaei and James Whitworth

Submissions from 2003

Distributed Learning Challenges & Solutions, Manouchehr Tabatabaei

Submissions from 2002

Statistical Applications for Excel, Michael J. Cuellar

Using the Minimized Integrated Square Error Estimator (L2E) For Phase I Control Charting, Michael J. Cuellar