Sickle Cell Carriers' Unmet Information Needs: Beyond Knowing Trait Status

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Journal of Genetic Counseling






Benefits of identifying sickle cell disease (SCD) carriers include detection of at-risk couples who may be informed on reproductive choices. Studies consistently report insufficient knowledge about the genetic inheritance pattern of SCD among people with sickle cell trait (SCT). This study explored perspectives of adults with SCT on the information needed to make an informed reproductive decision and the recommendations for communicating SCT information. Five focus groups (N = 25) were conducted with African Americans with SCT ages 18–65 years old. Participants were asked about their knowledge of SCT, methods for finding information on SCT, impact of SCT on daily living, and interactions with healthcare providers. An inductive-deductive qualitative analysis was used to analyze the data for emerging themes. Four themes emerged, highlighting the unmet information needs of African American sickle cell carriers: (a) SCT and SCD Education; (b) information sources; (c) improved communication about SCT and SCD; and (d) increased screening strategies. Future studies are needed to determine effective strategies for communicating SCT information and to identify opportunities for education within community and medical settings. Identifying strategies to facilitate access to SCT resources and education could serve as a model for meeting unmet information needs for carriers of other genetic conditions.


Awarded the 2020 Journal of Genetic Counseling Best Trainee Paper Award

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