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Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health





Theoretical models and conceptual frameworks are often used to design research methods. This study aims to provide an overview of the application of theoretical models and conceptual frameworks in Public Health Services and Systems Research (PHSSR). We also examine how the integration of such terms in research can improve intervention designs and support the decision-making process within the field of public health practice.


A scoping review was conducted using publications from public health journals to identify relevant articles in the field of PHSSR. The eligibility of studies was determined after performing evaluations through a full-text review of each article. The inclusion criteria included the requirement that articles applied a theoretical model or conceptual framework.


Eighteen published articles were selected for this review to detect the impact of theories and frameworks on research designs and processes. In the studies, various conceptual frameworks and theoretical models were used in the research design. Our review showed that researchers opted to use conceptual frameworks more frequently than theories and theoretical models. Given the variety of public health topics, it was challenging to identify which types of theories and conceptual frameworks are best suited for the field of PHSSR.


Although the application of theory and framework is of great importance in designing and strengthening the research process, we observed that certain challenges often accompany the successful use of theories and conceptual frameworks. Researchers should use appropriate theoretical and conceptual frameworks to guide research design, to render more credibility and to make study findings more relevant to practice and policy.