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Logistics and Intermodal Transportation (B.B.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Marc Scott


Research suggests a correlation between advancements in logistics infrastructure and the development rate of regional economies. Some states have identified this correlation and have taken steps to create specialized entities aimed at catalyzing the growth of logistics within their state. In the state of Georgia, the Center of Innovation for Logistics is the entity responsible for coordinating logistic development activities. As part of their responsibilities, they are tasked with fulfilling information requests regarding logistics infrastructure availability throughout the state. However, the system is used to process these requests is antiquated and extremely inefficient. In an attempt to ameliorate this process, a web-based data tool that aggregates all necessary data into one place and provides a simple user interface to query the database for specific information was introduced. This tool greatly improved the time required to process reports and added a degree of transparency in reporting across the organization.