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Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Hope Simpara


My research gives an in-depth explanation of what anxiety is, and a general idea of what it is like to deal with the condition. This research includes an illustrated clothing line consisting of fifteen looks that visually summarize the information about anxiety. Each element of these looks was based on research about anxiety, design techniques, and color theory. Of the fifteen looks, one was physically constructed and 2 were prepped for construction. The purpose of this research is to help people without the condition get a better general understanding of it, as well as help people with the condition feel more empowered, confident and understood.

Thesis Summary

My research explains what anxiety is and what it can be like to live with it on a daily basis. I address this topic through fashion, to provide visual representations of anxious symptoms. I have created a line of 15 illustrations and physically constructed one of the looks.