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Psychology (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. C. Thresa Yancey


Men tend to not seek help for mental health reasons, even when they express significant symptomology. Men’s barriers to help seeking are masculinity and stigma. The current study examined how masculinity, self-stigma, public-stigma, and perceived public stigma are related to men’s help seeking behaviors and the type of help seeking behavior men report advising for themselves, a friend, and a stranger. Results show masculinity was positively correlated to self-stigma and public stigma and self-stigma and public stigma are also positively correlated. Additionally, men reported being less willing to seek psychological help when expressing symptomology but more willing to suggest a friend or stranger seek help. They also reported not needing help but were more willing to suggest a stranger or friend needs help when expressing significant symptomatology. Results indicate a need in future research on mediating variables to barriers to help seeking for college age men.