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A Comparison of Traditional Education and Project-Based Education in Construction Management

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Construction Management (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

Faculty Mentor

Drs. John Dryden and Keith Landry


Construction is a rapidly moving and constantly changing industry. The skills needed to manage the complex task of running a job site safely, on schedule, and within budget, are unique to the field. Construction Management as an academic field is relatively new discipline. Therefore the field is still rapidly evolving. In many cases, classes are taught by engineering professors, which leads to an engineering-focused education as opposed to a Project Management focused education. Therefore Construction Management students are not receiving the “hands-on” experience early enough in their studies. By structuring classes around an applied project, students will attain a more relevant understanding of the course material and be able to more directly apply their education to a future career. An applied project based education also allows Construction Management students an opportunity to integrate their education with Civil Engineering students.

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