Review of "Bush's Wars" by Terry H. Anderson

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Book Review

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Choice Reviews Online




Of the countless books on Iraq, Afghanistan, and the war on terror, few attempt to bring these conflicts together into a single volume. This work by historian Anderson (Texas A&M Univ.) does just that. In this comprehensive examination, the author offers one of the first attempts to connect the origins, history, and outcomes of these post-9/11 US wars initiated by President George W. Bush. Anderson nimbly does so in a compelling narrative, guiding readers through the history of Iraq and Afghanistan, the origins of al Qaeda, and the events of 9/11, to Operation Iraqi Freedom and the expansion of the war in Afghanistan. The author weaves together the experiences of members of the Bush administration and those fighting on the battlefield to give readers the full spectrum of firsthand accounts. An epilogue discusses the Obama administration's impact upon these wars. The conclusion brings the history to the present and offers a thorough synthesis of a broad range of comment on the short- and long-term legacies of Bush's wars.